Maximizing Mindfulness


Course Description

Core Mindfulness skills are essential to all things DBT, but many therapists and skills trainers struggle to find meaningful and interesting ways to integrate mindfulness practice into their work with clients.  People can find mindfulness boring, or difficult to relate to real life, and clinicians can feel daunted by the requirement of teaching the same mindfulness skills repeatedly.  Drawing from our experiences across out-patient, in-patient, residential, day treatment, and forensics settings, we have collected and developed innovative approaches to maximizing mindfulness practice across treatment modes and settings.  In 2 highly interactive 2-hour sessions, we will share creative mindfulness tips and tricks as well as helping participants learn to use DBT principles to develop new mindfulness practices.

This course is designed for skills trainers, individual therapists, and milieu staff who:  1) want to increase their understanding of the links between mindfulness and Life Worth Living Goals; 2) want to improve their development and delivery of mindfulness skills across treatment modes; 3) want to expand their use of mindfulness to treat therapy-interfering behavior.

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Maximizing Mindfulness
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